Asato Ma

by The Ascendants | Virgo Meets Libra

Shankari lives every day in joyful service to others with so much devotion and love at Satchidananda Ashram Yogaville. I am so excited to hear Shankari share this love, this Bhakti, with everyone through mantras. Thank you for this Kirtan album that you and Kesheva have graciously gifted to this world so we can experience this bliss whenever we need a little more of it in our lives.


Gita Zember

Gita's Dream

We are so grateful for our beautiful Yogaville family Shankari and Kesheva and this new beginning of their musical journey together. Kesheva will take you down the rabbit hole with his intricately layered electronic compositions while Shankari grounds you to the earth with her deep soulful voice. We look forward to watching how their dedication to mantra  will deepen their practice. May this musical journey bring them ever closer to the divine spirit they invoke with these powerful chants, and may the practice of many listeners be deepened as well. Touch souls and soothe minds, friends!

In love and the mystical solidarity of music,
Lobo Marino


Lobo Marino

There are musical compositions to match a moment’s mood the listener seeks to augment a given experience with. Like if you’re Line Dancing – it’s C&W, if you’re working out – Rock Disco or Techno can fill the bill, but if your game is dropping out of the pedantic and into bliss; The Ascendants have your numbers.

Everyone has gotten goose bumps to moments in music, like what a church organ can sometimes do… are you with me? Well The Ascendant’s tunes tickle the Kundalini and Sustain it throughout each piece like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It’s been said ‘what the world needs now is love’, well there’s a great deal of it stitched into “Virgo Meets Libra” and it’s being given to the world to tune into. Do the world a favor and don’t miss it. I’m a better being for having been touched by their work.

Thomas Farrell